ECO FIN Eco Friendly Wood Stain



Eco Friendly, Soy based, Low VOC exterior & interior wood finish.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Eco Fin is an eco-friendly, LOW VOC wood coating that improves appearance and protects exterior wood by buffering water, sun and abrasion damages. Less than 2% of the can's content is VOC, resulting in a very small carbon footprint. For the value and protection brought by use of this product, ECO FIN RESULTS IN RESPONSIBILITY & PERFORMANCE!

Clear protects with minimal appearance change.  It can be used as a “tint base” to achieve colors not made by Sun Frog. 

Eco Fin comes pre-tinted in transparent Cedar, Redwood and Mahogany Tones.  Excellent for Decks, Siding, and Wood Furniture where maximum existing wood vision is sought after by the user.

Eco Fin's Semi-Transparent tones (also Cedar, Redwood and Mahogany) color wood with more opaque pigments (hide-oriented).  Great for Fences, Siding, Wood Roofs, etc., where more significant colorization (and better UV protection is sought).  Semi Transparents last longer than transparent coatings. Semi Transparents used on decking, however, can show traffic wear patterns more than in the transparent versions.

Eco Fin CabinEco Fin Cabin

Eco Fin is Eco-friendly... good for wood, good for us!

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Eco Fin

Pictures of Applying ECO FIN to a Deck

PRICE: ($45.00 minimum purchase online)

Size Qty Price
1 gln 1 $55.00 each
  2-3 $50.00 each
  4+ $45.00 each
5 gln 1 $220.00 each
  2-3 $200.00 each
  4+ $180.00 each


Eco Fin uses a Soy based alkyd with other ingredients to allow it to bring similar performance characteristics to our Deck Sealer (without the use of the 100% VOC paint thinner).  When the water in Eco Fin has evaporated and the alkyd oil dries, the product moves from a liquid to a solid finish on your wood. This stabilizes the wood and buffers the it from wet/dry water cycles that cause swelling and shrinking, a detrimental wood stress contributing to wood deterioration.  The coating, combined with U.V. absorbing pigments and buffering agents, improves appearance and lasts well between applications.  And with its biocide additive, it helps to hold back unsightly mold and damaging wood fungus.  Aesthetic Enhancement and Physical Protection is what Eco Fin provides.  And it does so with small, though not zero, VOC consequence. 

Advantages of Eco Fin over our Oil Based Products:

- Much lower VOC (less air pollution).
- Avoidance of use of petroleum generally.
- Quicker dry time.
- Easier clean up (soap and water).
- Spills can be washed off with water if gotten to quickly

Here are a couple of pictures meant to compare just the visual differences between our oil based Deck Sealer and our water emulsified Eco Fin approach. 

Eco Fin chairs


The chair on the left and the deck boards in the background have been sealed with our oil based Deck Sealer.  Note they are relatively non-glossy, and rich in appearance.  The combination of drying and non-drying oils, along with the transparent pigments, yields a soft, rich appearance.  The chair feels dry but the wood contains an oil that helps seal it well from water.

The chair on the right, and the deck boards under both chairs, has been sealed with Transparent Eco Fin in Cedar Tone.  Note that the finish is a bit glossier.  Eco Fin is a “thru dry” film finish and doesn’t have the softening oil that Deck Sealer has. 

The difference is part aesthetic, part functional, and part environmental.  Both products look great, though some customers prefer the glossy look while others prefer the more “oiled” look.  Both function very similarly by color enhancing and physically protecting the wood from water and sun damage. 

Our Eco Fin approach results in lesser VOC being discharged to the environment; A good thing.

Eco Fin is now available at these fine retailers:

Cedarbrook Sauna, Woodinville, Washington

Camps Lumber, Greshem, Oregon
Powell Villa Ace Hardware, Portland, Oregon
52nd Ave Hardware, Portland, Oregon
Division Hardware, Portland, Oregon
Milwaukie Lumber, Milwaukie,Oregon
Mr. Plywood, Portland, Oregon
Elmo Studs, Tigard, Oregon
Clark Lumber, Tualatin, Oregon

Pacific Lumber, Lake Oswego, Oregon
Willamette Hardware, Willamette, Oregon
Beaumont Hardware, Portland, Oregon
Suburban Ace Hardware, Portland, Oregon
Keizer True Value, Keizer, Oregon
West Salem True Value, West Salem, Oregon
Backstrom Builders Center, Bend, Oregon

Goodmans Building Supply, Mill Valley, California
Fairfax Lumber, Fairfax, California
Jackson's Harware, San Rafael, California
Pini Ace Hardware, Novato, California
Dolan Lumber, Pinole, California
Dolan Lumber, Bencia, California
Dolan Lumber, Concord, California
General Building Supply, Pt. Reyes, California
Dunsmuir Hardware, Dunsmuir, California

An ECO FIN Material Safety Data Sheet is available for download, using Adobe Acrobat. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, it is available free of charge by clicking the link below.

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