Deck Cleaner


Deck Cleaner by Sun Frog

A Powdered High Alkalinity Cleaner

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Sun Frog DECK CLEANER is a 100% active blend of alkalinity boosters, pH maintainers, percarbonate (non-chlorine bleach) and surfactant designed to provide high-powered cleaning of wood. DECK CLEANER removes dirt, lightens stains, and will re-emulsify many old sealers prior to rinsing, leaving a porous surface ready to accept Sun Frog SEALER when dry. DECK CLEANER will not damage wood or remove natural color. When used as directed, it is also garden friendly. Unfortunately, we are unable to ship this product out of the United States.


  • Cleans old, weathered exterior wood surfaces
  • For decks, siding, shingles, fences, patio furniture, planters and spas
  • Emulsifies many old sealers, leaving wood grain open and porous for renewing and sealing.
  • Quart size (2 LB.) jar makes 8 gallons of cleaner
  • Wood, garden & user friendly - Contains no chlorine bleach or oxalic acids

PRICE: ($45.00 minimum purchase online)

Size Qty Price
1 qt 1 $22.00 each
  2-3 $20.00 each
  4+ $18.00 each
1 gln 1 $42.00 each
  2-3 $38.00 each
  4+ $32.00 each
5 gln 1+ $150.00 each


Why Seal Wood? || Why Use Oils? || Material Safety Data Sheet || Maintain and Existing Deck

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Dissolve one pound (1/2 of a quart) of DECK CLEANER in four gallons of hot water (tap or bathtub hot) and apply to wood with mop, spray, roller or brush. Allow DECK CLEANER to work on surface for a few minutes then brush with stiff bristle brush adding additional DECK CLEANER as needed. Rinse well with water. COVERAGE: One 2 LB. container makes 8 gallons and cleans approximately 350 square feet.

CAUTIONS: DECK CLEANER is a high pH product that can be harmful if swallowed and may cause skin or eye irritation with contact. If in eyes, flush with cold water for fifteen minutes. If on skin, wash with soap and water. If irritation persists seek medical attention. Keep away from children. Read and understand caution on label before use.

PACKAGING: Quart size (2 lb.) plastic containers. Also available in economic gallon and 5-gallon sizes.

PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Type White free flowing powder Activities 100% Surfactant charge Nonionic pH 1% solution 10.8 +/- Freeze/Thaw Stability Excellent

A Material Safety Data Sheet is available for Deck Cleaner by download using Adobe Acrobat. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, it is available free of charge by clicking the link below.