Deck Sealer


"Water Tight & Sun Protected" High drying oil content with reasonable moisturant oil and pentration assisting solutions for natural beauty, wear resistance and ease of redo.

Deck Sealer

An oil based wood sealer and finish for exterior decks, wood furniture, spa jackets, doors and other smooth sawn woods.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Sun Frog DECK SEALER is a premium blend of nondrying, drying and copolymer oils, ultraviolet blockers, mildew resisting agents and penetration assisting thinning solvents, that produces a high quality wood sealer providing long lasting beauty. Best used for horizontal walking and human interface surfaces where penetration into the wood is of paramount importance and where the type of wood (smooth or millsawn) needs low viscosity to acheive penetration. When properly applied, Sun Frog DECK SEALER will provide one to two years of service. Actual life expectancy depends on weather conditions, sun exposure levels and type of wood. DECK SEALER is available in Clear, Cedar, Redwood and Mahogany tones, with the color versions providing the most UV resistance. Unfortunately, we are unable to ship this product out of the United States.

Redwood Deck Sealer

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Cedar Deck
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  • Oil based sealer protects and preserves natural beauty of smooth sawn wood.
  • For use on decks, railings, gazebos, spa surrounds and similar wood applications
  • Especially formulated for application on cedar and redwood.
  • Protects against UV damage and resists mildew growth.

PRICE: ($45.00 minimum purchase online)

Size Qty Price
1 gln 1 $50.00 each
  2-3 $45.00 each
  4+ $40.00 each
5 gln 1 $200.00 each
  2-3 $190.00 each
  4+ $180.00 each


Why Seal Wood? || Why Use Oils? || Material Safety DataSheet || Maintain an Existing Deck

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APPLICATION: Apply product when temperature is between 50% F and 90% F.

Seal only clean, dry wood. Unless kiln dried or physically light when installed, new wood should be allowed to dry for thirty days, in relatively warm conditions, prior to sealing. On older woods, first clean and renew wood color, then allow to dry for at least two dry condition days before applying sealer.

Sun Frog DECK SEALER is a high solids, oil based formula that should be applied only to the extent that the wood will absorb the sealer. For long term beauty and duration it needs to penetrate and dry WITHIN the wood, not on top of it. DO NOT OVER APPLY.

Use a stain pad or brush for most effective application. Apply the product evenly and work in to promote penetration and minimize puddling. Apply with the grain completing a full board or set of boards so as not to overlap. After two hours of dry time, lightly remove any remaining surface excess with an old towel. (See spontaneous combustion hazard caution for car and disposal of deack sealer oiled rags.) Allow 48 hours of dry time before foot traffic. After sealing, deck should be free from rain or standing water for 48 hours to avoid water spotting. See Maintaining A Deck for more thorough information.

COVERAGE: Expect coverage of 200 to 250 square feet per gallon on new cedar or redwood. Expect 150 to 200 square feet per gallon on older wood. Apply as much as wood will absorb for longest lasting, most beautiful protection.

CAUTIONS: Sun Frog DECK SEALER contains petroleum distillate. Care should be used when applying. If sprayed, a NIOSH approved respirator should be used. Read and understand instructions and warnings on label before using product. Dispose of used rags carefully to avoid spontaneous combustion of oily rags; immerse in water and seal from exposure to oxygen as heat is released when oils dry (oxidize).

PACKAGING: Sun Frog DECK SEALER is available in gallons and 5-gallon pails. 55-gallon drums are special order.

PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Combines organic and petroleum based oils and minimal solvents.Viscosity 150 cps Freeze/Thaw Stability Good, Water resistance Excellent, Wear Resistence Excellent.

A Material Safety Data Sheet is available for Deck Sealer by download using Adobe Acrobat. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, it is available free of charge by clicking the link below.