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No Tipping Point for Campaigns!
Best T-Shirt-platform

No Tipping Point!

Other T-shirt platforms would have you spend your marketing money on unproven campaigns by requiring you to hit a goal. And if you're campaign never hits that goal you DON'T profit!

We say "NO WAY"! With SunFrog we pay you for every shirt that sells! No goals, No tipping points. You PROFIT EVERY SALE. This frees you the marketing genius to explore audience's and niches without wasting your money!

Mailbox money

Designs Never Expire!

Other T-shirt platforms only let you sell your designs for a short amount of time. With the other platforms, when a campaign is ended your potential buyers will leave empty handed. Who wants that?

At SunFrog we want you to you get that "Mailbox Money" ! You never have to expire your designs! You can leave designs up forever, and let it keep making you money, with no risk!

Highest conversion rating

Highest Conversions!

When you send traffic to our site, a customer may buy the first thing they see. Then again they may not. Because of our unique platform your chances for sale conversions are greatly increased! Instead of limiting them to just one design, we offer a complete shopping experience with hundreds of thousands of designs. They are sure to find a design they love. The best part is you the affiliate get paid for anything they buy!


Get paid on any design using Collections

Design Collections

Simply build a collection geared to your crowds taste and then direct your social networks to that collection page.

Display all your designs

Display all your designs

You've got a style your fans love. With your artist page you can show off all of your designs!

Sale Conversion Tracking

Sale Conversion Tracking

Your ROI matters! You can easily integrate any conversion pixel tracking into the SunFrog system.

Facebook Retargeting Features

Facebook Retargeting

Facebook's retargeting pixel tracking integrates beautifully with the SunFrog system.

Get paid on any design using Collections

Customizable Interface

Users to tailor the site to fit there needs for iframes, campaign pushes, and campaign isolation.

Campaign tracking features

Campaign Tracking

Track the intricate details of your campaigns and advertising using our customizable campaign tracking features.

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