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Fig Leaves Designed by Jet

If you have seen a fig tree, you have noticed how large and beautiful are the leaves. They in themselves, taken off the branches and laid on a table are as attractive as nature would make her dessert plates. My neighbor has a fig tree that provides a canopy for his side yard. When I showed him this design, he asked, "Where is the large fig leaf that does further down?" I was influenced by the Hawaiian shirts with the hibiscus flower pattern. Broad leave are, perhaps, a little bit more masculine. This is my variation, still a reminder of warm days and exotic foliage. See the figs, the fruit of this tree on my t shirt designs here Meanwhile, sorry that the look of the garments look off. Its my computer application is off-kilter, but not the shirts themselves of my terrific designs. Its just the mock-up. Get the shirt, and love it. See more background about my designs: http://takeflightdesignworkshop.weebly.com/

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