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Scuttlebutt (Navy… Designed by Jet

When my father saw the beverage dispenser on my kitchen counter, when he and my mother arrived for a visit, he called it a scuttlebutt. In the Navy, that is what he and his shipmates called the water cistern. In olden seafaring days, it was a cask filled with water, probably that had once replaced the rum, as part of a sailors pay. That is where another term for rumor or gossip came from, scuttlebutt, because like the modern day water cooler, that is where people stopped and exchanged thoughts about whale sightings, hula girls, shore leave excursions, and probably rumblings of war. In my cisterns, I have the Mexican fruit drinks called "frescas," which are whole fruit blended into a drink, while keeping their bits still whole. From left to right in my scuttlebutts are filled with pineapple with limes, strawberries with lemons, and kiwi with grapefruit. In Arizona, whenever you enter a hotel, they have at the reception desk, cisterns of cold water with fruit floating in them. It is such a welcoming sight from the heat of the Sonoran desert. Wear this scuttlebutt shirt and maybe youll start up a conversation with a stranger or just feel instantly cooler. Meanwhile, sorry that the look of the garments look off. Its my computer application is off-kilter, but not the shirts themselves of my terrific designs. Its just the mock-up. Get the shirt, and love it. See more background about my designs: http://takeflightdesignworkshop.weebly.com/ Uploaded Aug. 7, 2015

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