Report A False Charity

As the industry leader, we take our duty to
stop false charities
very seriously.

What is SunFrog's stance on False Charities?

1. This type of infringement has a zero tolerance policy.

2. Claims are investigated and sellers who have been flagged are required to produce evidence proving they are actually donating the promised money to the correct charity or fundraiser. The shirt design they are advertising will be frozen until such proof is provided, as well as all funds the seller has earned on other shirt designs.

3. If the charitable claim is determined to be false, our legal team shuts down the shirt and the seller's account.

What is SunFrog doing to change the industry and eliminate this problem?

The industry needs to change; false charities and intellectual theft are all too common today. As the industry leader, SunFrog has a responsibility to help clean it up. We are taking the following steps to reduce infringements and discourage unlawful and morally irresponsible behavior from sellers:

1. Putting a stop to infringements as we find them, or whenthey're brought to our attention. (By reporting these incidents using the form above, you can be of huge assistance in this matter!)

2. Educating the seller that uploaded the design on the rules of copyright and trademark, and on how to properly market a nonprofit they wish to support.

3. Providing an opportunity for legitimate nonprofits and fundraising organizations to partner with online marketers that have proven successful, either through licensing or authorization.

My artwork has been stolen and uploaded by someone else!

Click here to report copyright infringement and intellectual theft. We will then take the following steps:

1. Our legal team will review the claim.

2. They will then investigate and determine the original copyright holder.

3. If the design is determined to be stolen, we then shut down the design and apply our repeat infringer policy. (see terms and conditions)

What about shirts that advertise charitable causes but don't claim to donate the profits?

If the seller is selling a design that is copyrighted by a non-profit but is not making a claim to pay out money to a charity, we treat that the same as our standard copyright/trademark infringement case. Click here to report a claim.

SunFrog is a seller-based platform. Sellers who upload art to our website attest to us under the penalty of perjury that they have the right to sell the art. They then market the shirt design on social media.

Unfortunately, not everyone is always being completely honest. Sellers sometimes run ads on social media or through email campaigns claiming that a portion of the proceeds of any sales will be donated to various foundations and charities. By and large these sellers do make the donations. Some, however, cynically capitalize on people's generosity and passion and don't make the donations they are claiming. We don't like it, but it does happen from time to time.

As it stands, we have over 80,000 seller accounts; because of this high number, it is not possible to monitor the content of each advertisement placed by a seller. Therefore, we often rely on members of the public to report suspicious activity and help provide the information we need to investigate charitable claims so we can make sure the sellers are delivering on their promises.

If we find, after investigation, that claimed donations are not being made, SunFrog has a zero tolerance policy for this kind of fraud. Our legal team appreciates your assistance in locating these kinds of infractions so we can shut them down immediately. We then also have the opportunity to seize any funds owed to that seller and redirect the money to charity. Please use the form below to report false charitable claims. For help with other infringements please click here.

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