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Lets Roll Todd… Designed by Jet

Todd Beamer was a passenger of United Airlines 93 who led others against the terrorists who had commandeered the plane. Before he and others broke into the cockpit where the terrorist had taken control, he was heard reciting the Lords prayer and the 23 psalms. Other passengers soon joined in. When it was time, he asked his supervisor, who was on the phone with him, to tell his family that he loved them. His was heard saying to his fellow passengers, "Lets roll." The recording that was recovered has the voices of the passengers breaking into the cockpit and trying to overwhelm the hijackers. The plane dove into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. All souls were lost. It is assumed the averted the plane taking more lives at the intended destination Washington,DC. Todd Beamer is an American hero and is remembered for his bravery and leadership.

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