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it is not you, it is
life is better with…
Roger thing
i need new car
Im a Roy
Trust Me Im A Nurse
I love my husband…
I love my wife but i
Prayers -is -the…
made in 1985 age to…
made in 1975 40 year
made in 1965 50 year
made in 1966 49 year
made in 1967 48 year
made in 1968 47 year
made in 1969 46 year
made in 1971 44 year
made in 1972 43 year
made in 1973 42 year
made in 1974 41 year
papa special shirt…
Its a mario thing
Its a GARY thing,…
its julia thing
its a perez thing
Im Not 58, Im 18…
Im Not 59, Im 18…
The Most Memorable…
its a mendez thing
mario thing

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