Shingle, Siding & Log Sealer


Shingle/Siding and Log SealerWater Tight & Sun Protected

High Moisturant Oil content for Rich Beauty, Natural Water Repellancy & Ease of Redo

And Oil Based Wood Sealer & Finish for Vertical Rough Sawn Woods & Logs


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Sun Frog SHINGLE SIDING/LOG SEALER is a premium blend of nondrying, drying and copolymer oils, ultraviolet blockers and mildew resisting agents that produces a high quality wood sealer providing long lasting, oiled beauty. Lower solvent content and heavier bodied than Deck Sealer. Not suggested for horizontal walking or for smooth, human interface surfaces. When properly applied, Sun Frog SHINGLE SIDING/LOG SEALER will provide a minimum of twenty-four months of service to logs and vertical, rough sawn woods. Easier to redo than thru dry formulations.

.Redwood House Sealer


SHINGLE SIDING/LOG SEALER is available in Clear, Redwood, Cedar and Mahogany tones, with the color versions providing the most UV resistance.


  • Protects and preserves natural beauty of rough sawn wood and peeled logs
  • For use on cedar shingles, natural siding, fences and log homes
  • Higher oil content than DECK SEALER, which has more solvent
  • Protects against UV damage and resists mildew growth
  • See Performance Peak product thru dry option

PRICE: ($45.00 minimum purchase online)

Size Qty Price
1 gln 1 $55.00 each
  2-3 $50.00 each
  4+ $45.00 each
5 gln 1 $220.00 each
  2-3 $200.00 each
  4+ $180.00 each


Why Seal Wood? || Why Use Oils? || Material Safety Data Sheet

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Shingle, Siding & Log SealerAPPLICATION: For best results seal only dry wood. Unless kiln dried or physically light when installed, new wood should be allowed to dry for thirty, reasonably dry, days prior to sealing. On older woods, first cleand and renew color, then allow it to dry again for two to three days before applying sealer.

Sun Frog SHINGLE SIDING/ LOG SEALER is a high solids, oil based system that should be applied only to the extent that the wood will absorb the sealer. For long term beauty and duration it needs to penetrate and dry WITHIN the wood, not on top of it. DO NOT OVER APPLY but apply as much as the wood will absorb.

Use a stain pad or brush for most effective application. Apply the product evenly. Apply with the grain completing a full board or set of boards so as not to overlap. After 30 to 45 minutes of dry time, remove excess or drips by back brushing.

COVERAGE: Expect coverage of 200 to 240 square feet per gallon on smooth wood and logs. On rough sawn surfaces and shingles expect 100 to 200 square feet per gallon. 160 sq. ft. per gallon is normal on rough sawn siding and fences.

CAUTIONS: Sun Frog SHINGLE SIDING/LOG SEALER contains petroleum distillate. Care should be used when applying. If sprayed, a NIOSH approved respirator should be used. Read and understand instructions and warnings on label before using product. Dispose of used rags carefully to avoid spontaneous combustion issues.

PACKAGING: Sun Frog SHINGLE SIDING/LOG SEALER is available in gallons and 5-gallon pails. 55-gallon drums are special order.

PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Combines organic and petroleum based oils and solvent. Viscosity 150 cps Freeze/Thaw Stability good. Water resistance- Excellent. Wearability - good.

A Material Safety Data Sheet is available for Shingle, Siding & Log Sealer by download using Adobe Acrobat. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, it is available free of charge by clicking the link below.